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Sorry about the delay in things. I was on vacation this past week…

Things got really bad for Suits’ impeccably-dressed men and women this season, as the return of Daniel Hardman threw the entire firm into disarray and the past presented Donna with a pink slip — but in tonight’s season two summer finale, the ship seemed to course-correct itself after the revelation that [SPOILER ALERT!] Donna did not miss that major memo! Turns out, Hardman had framed her in a bid to wrestle control of the firm away from Jessica.

The truth came to light (in the nick of time) and led to Hardman’s ousting once and for all — although that doesn’t mean all is ship shape in Suits land. According to Sarah Rafferty, whose inspired performance as the endlessly talented Donna fueled the summer’s most delectable character, losing half of Pearson/Hardman means double the trouble when the show returns. How excited were you by the revelation that Hardman framed Donna, and she didn’t overlook the memo?
Sarah Rafferty: It will remain off camera, but she definitely danced a jig [laughs]. On Donna’s behalf, I knew she’d be so happy that she wasn’t wrong – but there was actually a scene we shot that was taken out of the episode, when Donna has a moment with Harvey and Jessica. She says, “Wait a minute … if he planted it then I never missed it, I never made a mistake.” That’s huge for her. It was eating away at her that she made that first mistake. But Harvey says to her, “I knew you didn’t make that mistake.” And Jessica says, “We weren’t mad at you for missing it, we were mad at you for shredding it.” She just kind of blew past the fact she made a really bad decision. She was so emotional, didn’t know what to do, had no one to turn to. Whoops. She picked the wrong thing to do. Mistake number 2 she still has to live with. Donna’s firing led to a very revealing conversation between her and Harvey where “The Other Time” was referenced — do you know what happened between them?
Sarah: [laughs] You just had to ask about that, didn’t ya? As an actor, it’s my job to come up with something in my head – have I talked to our creator about it? No. I don’t know exactly. What did you come up with?
Sarah: That can of worms was opened at another time, possibly a long time ago. It remains to be seen whether after that other time if it slammed shut or remained cracked open. Fans have a million theories — what’s your take on the possibility of love between Donna and Harvey?
Sarah: They both care for one another, a lot. I think Donna can tell herself one thing, but who knows what is going on subconsciously. That’s where all the really interesting stuff is going down. It also looked like fans were finally going to find out what the can opener is tonight. Alas, we did not. Do you think it should remain a mystery?
Sarah: Personally, I enjoy it – I think it’s demonstrative of how close Donna and Harvey are and how they can be their true selves with each other on so many levels. Who knows, maybe this can opener wields a mysterious power over them and they’re not ashamed to admit it to each other. This season also revealed an interesting relationship between Donna and Louis. What’s your take on their relationship?
Sarah: Donna has a really big heart, and I think she really understands people. Her ability to understand people and their dynamics has a lot to do with value at the firm. She has a soft spot for Louis, as the underdog and someone in pain. People who hurt have been hurt, so she feels for him and I think she sees him as a lonely, lost, frustrated guy. She has a lot of empathy for him. Looking ahead to the 2013 episodes, now that Donna, Jessica, Mike and Harvey have weathered this storm and become the dream team, what’s next?
Sarah: I love that you called them a dream team, but they are going to continue to be in for some rough seas ahead. Everything’s not settled as of tonight, things remain complicated as ever. Donna is the one who figured out Hardman’s affair because she listens to people – she put what Harvey said and Rachel said together. That’s her superpower, so I’m excited to see how her role at the firm grows with the rest of the season. And what about with Donna and Harvey? What would you like to see happen next in their relationship?
Sarah: Donna and Harvey’s personal and professional relationship is becoming more and more important. In tonight’s episode, you see Donna really working alongside him. I am curious to see some future cases or situations that come up where she is more involved with cases with what she can bring to the table. Obviously we want to see how their personal relationship develops. But, if Donna’s gonna get a love life, we’ll have to wait until Mark Ruffalo is available!

Suits will return to USA in 2013.


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