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Welcome to "Corporate Suits" - a fansite for USA Network's "Suits" starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams along with Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty. We'll provide you with news and spoilers for the show, casting news, infos on the upcoming episodes along with stills and screencaps. Check back with us as "Suits" is about start its sixth season on Wednesday July 12 at 9/8c on USA.
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This week’s episode of USA’s Suits (Thursday, 10 p.m. ET) is a big one for Louis Litt. Daniel wants to name him a senior partner so he’ll vote for him to replace Jessica as managing partner, and Jessica makes sure Louis knows that if he does side with Daniel and she wins, he’s out at Pearson Hardman. It’s also an important hour for actor Rick Hoffman, who gets to share the screen with his parents, Gail and Charlie Hoffman, who make their acting debuts as Louis’ parents.
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After the emotional “Sucker Punch” of “Suits” episode 207, the USA hit’s flashback episode will be a delightful, hilarious treat. What were hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and hotshot fake lawyer Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) up to five years ago? Adams tells Zap2it that although “Rewind” was fun to shoot, it’s not the cheesy blast to the past you might find on another show.

“You know, you hear ‘flashback episode’ and you think, ‘It could be gimmicky. It could be a way to pass time.’ I think that brilliantly, after the intensity of an episode like 207, people are gonna need to step out of it for a second,” Adams tells Zap2it. “I think in that way it’s gonna be very helpful.”

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This contains spoilers for the next episode of “Suits”.
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Welcome to my newest baby. “CorporateSuits” aims to bring you news, interviews and info about USA’s “Suits” and its cast. Hope you’ll stick around and spread the word.

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Suits is upping the ante this season with an explosive story arc that threatens not just Mike’s position in the firm, but the firm’s existence itself. On the front line is Jessica Pearson, co-founder of Pearson-Hardman, and now keeper of Mike’s biggest secret. Jessica is played with cool grace by Gina Torres of Firefly, Serenity and The Matrix movies fame. We sat down with Gina this week to talk Hardman’s motives, the firm’s fraud law suit, and Jessica’s unique and often fraught relationships with Gabriel Macht’s Harvey and Patrick J. Adams’ Mike.

Screen Spy: Jessica has her hands full this season. Hardman is back. Donna has been fired and the firm is being sued. Jessica has an outward, almost swan-like grace, but under the surface she must be paddling furiously. What’s her state of mind right now?

Gina Torres: She is dancing as fast as she can! And don’t forget there’s also this huge secret, which is the revelation that Mike is not a lawyer. If she thought for one second that it could come out then this house of cards would all come tumbling down. She’s got to put out the fires that are closest to home right now, and right now that fire is this fraud lawsuit. Tanner has it in for Harvey. He wants him gone. The enemy is at the gate. She does not trust that Hardman has reformed. She’s got to take care of her family.

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After getting fired in spectacular fashion, secretary extraordinaire Donna returns to Suits this Thursday (USA Network, 10/9c). But her comeback is a reluctant one as Mike ropes her into helping out with Harvey’s case and Louis asks one very personal question: Is she in love with her former boss?

In a conversation with TVLine, Sarah Rafferty previews her character’s feelings for Harvey — “She feels a little bit betrayed” — Donna’s job status and a very “fun” episode for her and gal pal Rachel.

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