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Just when everyone thought they’d had enough of small screen law dramas, along came snappily-written, effortlessly cool US import Suits in 2011, the ensemble cast of which is fronted by badass closer Harvey Specter.

Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, is the embodiment of everything that makes Suits so addictive. He’s impeccably coiffed, supremely self-confident and armed with gems like: “Don’t play the odds – play the man.” But beneath it all is real integrity, and a streak of go-getting decency that leads him to hire down-and-out genius Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams), despite his lack of a legal degree.

With the third season of Suits about to begin on Dave, Digital Spy caught up with Macht to find out what’s in store for Harvey, whether his bruised relationship with protégé Mike will recover, and whether there’s any hope for romance with Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

Harvey is not in a great place in the second season finale. Where do we pick up with him in season three?
Well, Harvey has not been a fan of the British invasion. He is not in favour of merging with Edward Darby, he doesn’t trust him, and he has an instinct where he just doesn’t buy the whole merger. He did believe in his associate Mike, but at the end of the day his loyalty was challenged, and he and Mike are at odds, and he’s ready to give him up. He holds loyalty in the highest regard, and when Mike basically turned his back on him, he just feels like Mike has no place in his office, and no place working with him. So we’ll see if, little by little, Harvey accepts him back into the fold.

How different is the dynamic in season three, with that central Harvey/Mike relationship diminished?
It is different – where in season one and two you do have that quick banter and father-like relationship, it takes a while for us to get back into that. The series starts in more of a serious tone, I think, for the first few episodes. They have to work their way back into having those playful set pieces.

Harvey’s also at odds with Jessica – do we see more of that mentor relationship mirroring Harvey and Mike?
Absolutely, he can’t believe what he saw go down, and he’s extremely upset with her. In many ways it seems like from the outside that Harvey is doing things that don’t feel right for the firm, and feel like they’re very narcissistic demands, but there’s something in this deal that just doesn’t smell right for him. So when he gets to the bottom of it, we’ll see if he’s right or wrong, and that’s sort of where the show is directed in the first ten episodes.

Is Harvey driven more by ambition or by morality?
I think it’s a combination of both – of course, he wants to live large in a financial way, but he also wants to live large in terms of taking risks. He sees the kind of life that most people live, and he wants to sort of lift that and play in a different world, where the risks are higher and the challenges are tougher, and I think that’s part of his stubborn outlook. It makes him aggressive and makes him intense.

Following ‘Rewind’ in season two, there’s another flashback episode coming up this season…
Yes, instead of jumping back five years, we jump back ten years. We see where Harvey was when he was working for the district attorney. Gary Cole, who played the DA in season one, comes back in the season three flashback and becomes involved in the case Harvey’s taken on. It’s sort of an origin story: we see how Harvey and the DA had a very strong relationship that then splintered off, and we see the origin of Harvey and Donna, and why they are the way they are.

Harvey and Donna’s relationship has always been strictly professional, although there have been hints at something more. Is a romance on the table this season?
It’s definitely questioned. In the flashback scene you’ll see that there was some fire, and you’ll see the reasons why they’ve had to put it at bay, I’ll leave it at that!

What’s Harvey’s hair up to ten years ago?
Ha, it’s toned down, it’s a more innocent thing. I think when he became a corporate lawyer, his presentation became more of who he was, it became an armour. Before that he was a little bit more conservative.

How was it working with James McAffrey, who plays Harvey’s father this season?
We had one scene together, which also takes place in the flashback, and we had a good day – Harvey and his dad have a connection in baseball, so we see them together in that context. If there was anyone who had the largest influence on Harvey I think it was probably his dad, so you see pieces of that and their history, and you see some of the elements that go into the storytelling of his mother, and how she operated.

And your actual dad, Stephen Macht, also has a role…
Yes, later on down the line we focus way more heavily on Mike being a fake lawyer, and the stakes are higher. We find that Louis is catching on to the secret, and he invites one of the professors from Harvard to give a speech down at Pearson Hardman. Harvey has to go and sort of clean up his act, so what he tries to do is blackmail the ethics professor, and that’s the character my dad plays.

The loss of Zoe seemed to really affect Harvey in season two, and then there’s the return of Scottie. Is his love life still in flux in season three?
Yeah, I think he’s confused, and he can’t really tell which one was the one that got away, you know? It could have been Zoe, it could be Scottie. I think he’s seeing the people around him have strong personal connections to their partners, and he’s looking around saying ‘Is this it?” Is the work life, the demanding schedule, the obsessive nature of his job, it? And I think when Scottie comes back into his life he’s willing to make a go of it, and it gets really interesting towards the latter half of season three.

Does anything stand out for you as a favourite moment from shooting?
In the first episode of season three, there’s a really good scene between Harvey and Mike that happens down in the lobby of Pearson Hardman, where they talk about loyalty. First of all it was one of our first days back after a long hiatus, and the major theme of the show is pinpointed in that scene. But then while we were filming, we had some fan – he may have been slightly intoxicated – just run as fast as he could from across the street and launch his body into the glass pane, screaming, jumping up and down going “Suits! Suits! Suits is the s**t! You guys are the bomb!” It was sort of a scare when it happened, the police took him off and he was going, “Hey, I’m just a fan!” But people really have a great love for the show. It’s awesome.

Suits season three starts on Dave on January 30 at 9pm. The first episode will be available online from January 23.


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