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This Wednesday USA Network’s Suits is headed towards an explosive finale when Harvey Specter clashes once again with insidious corporate raider Forstman (Eric roberts) and dogged SEC investigator Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough).

But in order to put his nemeses behind him for good, Harvey will be forced to revisit his own past and his guilt over younger brother Marcus.

Just how is Marcus involved with Forstman, and what morally dubious act did Harvey carry out on his behalf?

And what fallout from last week’s “I love you Donna,” will our favorite will-they-won’t-they couple suffer as a result of Harvey’s declaration?


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Just when everyone thought they’d had enough of small screen law dramas, along came snappily-written, effortlessly cool US import Suits in 2011, the ensemble cast of which is fronted by badass closer Harvey Specter.

Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, is the embodiment of everything that makes Suits so addictive. He’s impeccably coiffed, supremely self-confident and armed with gems like: “Don’t play the odds – play the man.” But beneath it all is real integrity, and a streak of go-getting decency that leads him to hire down-and-out genius Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams), despite his lack of a legal degree.

With the third season of Suits about to begin on Dave, Digital Spy caught up with Macht to find out what’s in store for Harvey, whether his bruised relationship with protégé Mike will recover, and whether there’s any hope for romance with Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

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With the Suits Season 3 premiere behind us, viewers now know that Harvey is still on the future partner war path, having made a deal with the devil to take Jessica down.

On our set visit to Toronto last month, Gabriel Macht had much to say about where things are going for his main character, both in terms of Harvey’s growth… and lack thereof. Continue reading “Gabriel Macht Teases Suits Season 3: Has Harvey Matured?” »

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“Suits” Season 3 premieres in a little over a week and in the coming episodes a big revelation is finally on the way – the origins of the can opener that is so special to Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen.

“You are gonna learn about the origin of the kitchen utensil — you’re gonna learn a lot more about that,” Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey on the show, told reporters when USA flew several outlets, including, up to the Toronto set, and made us their guests.

The cheap can opener has long been bantered about by Harvey and his secretary, Donna (Sarah Rafferty), in relation to a pre-trial ritual they have, and it is well known in the office that no one is supposed to touch it.

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With a title like War, you knew the Suits season two finale was going to mean season three would be largely dedicated to picking up the pieces — and while that is true across the board, according to all of the actors, nowhere is the decimation more evident than in Harvey’s relationship with Mike.

“Their loyalty has been completely destroyed,” Gabriel Macht told me at USA’s Upfront event in NYC. “And in the first episode, Harvey lets Mike go. He’s done with him. Yes, Mike asks for forgiveness but Harvey doesn’t want any of it. He doesn’t want the drama, he doesn’t want to trust in him anymore.” Continue reading “‘Suits’ Stars Preview Powerful New Season” »

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Suits season two has now wrapped on both US and UK television screens, but from today (May 13) you can enjoy all 16 episodes again at your leisure on DVD.

Digital Spy spoke to actor Gabriel Macht, who told us all about season two and even gave us a few spoilers about the next season of Suits – expect a few shocking truths to be revealed!

The super-smooth Macht also told us how hard he finds it to play his suave character Harvey Specter, though in all honestly, we’re not sure we believe him… Continue reading “Gabriel Macht ‘Suits’ Q&A: ‘Season three is the British Invasion’” »

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