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Sway   Jun 9, 2014  

The new season of Suits ahead, promise us a lot of problems between the dynamic duo not longer working together. At all.

As soon as the new episode starts, Mike and Harvey’s relationship seems to be as it was when they started working together, Harvey gives Mike a hard time, and he proves him wrong with his unbelievable memory super power. But nowadays Mike’s is one of Harvey’s clients, and the lawyer doesn’t agree on how Mike is pursuing his own client, Walter Gillis (Michael Gross) Disagreements and conflict of interests in the middle, Harvey and Mike aren’t on amicable terms, setting the tone for the rest of the season.

Because it wouldn’t be Suits if someone wasn’t pursuing a vendetta against Harvey, or Jessica, or the firm, this season starts with Eric Woodall coming back after them. And he has a messenger, Jeff Malone, who offers a deal, if he joins the firm, he can be fighting for them instead of against them.
And while Louis is coming up with mischievous plans to get noticed, he doesn’t even know someone might steal the spot light from him. Because Jeff Malone’s specialty is the same as Louis.

In the meantime Rachel is working at the firm, and it looks like she took Mike’s place as Harvey’s associate, and Donna is Donna. (Which means she’s her usual witty, amazing, sassy self)

Teasing Quotes:

-Are you sure that’s how you wanna play this?
-Did I not just answer that?

– Winter is coming
– I know and I’m the night’s watch but right now we need to be patient

-What are you doing here, we shouldn’t be seen together!

-Are you picturing me naked right now?
-Maybe? Yes…
-Go wash your hands

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