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Gabriel Macht never planned on being an expert on men’s suiting. But that was before playing a high-powered-bespoke-suit-wearing-legal-badass on Suits. Now, he’s a regular Giorgio Armani.

You wear designer suits every day. What does a good suit mean to you?

I wear Tom Ford on the show, and Harry Rosen has been making my suits custom recently. A good suit is one that is smart, attractive, fitting and comfortable. The lines should magnify what’s right about the form of the specific body. It shouldn’t be sloppy. Not too tight or too big. The tie shouldn’t overdo the suit and the suit should be simple but refined.

How much did you know about suits before to the show?

Very little. Now that I have been to many fittings, I see the nuances of the specific design of the label, the tailoring, all that. It’s a beautiful art form, a men’s suit. The thread count, the lapel length and width, how long the jacket reaches to the thigh, the break in the leg. There’s so much to consider when picking a suit and having it fitted. I have a huge respect for tailors and designers.

Not since Scrubs has there been a show so specific about the connection between clothing and profession (and, yes, we realize the pun of the title, too). But, still, it means everyone is going to ask you about wearing suits. (Case in point: the above). Do you get sick of that?

I don’t get sick of people asking me about Suits. Either the show or the dress. But, honestly, I never thought that in a million years I’d be connected to fashion in this way. I’m having a good time with it all, and I must say wearing a suit every day while I work is more comfortable than jeans. The cloth itself inspires me to wear more suits, although, when I’m not working I’d rather be more casual.


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